10 Things Everyone Hates About canada open 2016

For Canadians, 2015 was a good year, if a bit of a down year. Many Canadians were in mourning after the death of the Queen, a long-time friend of Canada. On the other hand, there were also a number of new Prime Ministers and other public figures taking office. The economy seemed to be improving. The stock market was up. The Canadian dollar was up.

2016, however, was definitely not a good year. It was a bad year for the Canadian dollar and, after the massive devaluation of the USD, the Canadian dollar’s price went through the roof.

The Canadian dollar continued its downward spiraling trend. By the end of 2016, it was trading at an all-time low of just over $1 against the US$. In the course of the year, the Canadian dollar lost 80% of its value. The Canadian economy also suffered from a global downturn and several natural disasters.

The end of the year was particularly bad for Canada as it coincided with the end of the Toronto Raptors’ season. The Raptors were coming home to win the championship, and they made a lot of money. However, the players themselves were struggling to pay their bills. As a result, the Raptors had to cut down on some of their activities to bring in the extra money. The Raptors were not the only team to suffer from a bad end to the year, according to a recent poll.

The Toronto Maple Leafs were suffering from a bad end to the year too. The team was struggling to find a new coach, their contract was going through the roof, and their star player was in the midst of a fight. The only bright spot was that they were also going to get a new head coach. It’s a good thing they didn’t spend their hard earned money on a new head coach.

The Leafs were going to have a new coach, but the only problem with that is that he didnt want to take the job. He wasnt really interested in coaching, and he didn’t really like Toronto. In fact, he wanted to go to the NBA. The Leafs also ended up getting a very bad end to the year, too. Their star goalie, Frederik Andersen, left the team and was suspended for the season after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Andersen is the league’s highest paid goalie, making $5M a year at a time when most goaltenders make about $2M. Also, the Leafs were facing a lot of playoff pressure. They needed a goalie that could stop the opposition from scoring. Even though the team went 16-8-1 this season, Andersen was only saving 38.3% of his shots.

While Andersen’s suspension didn’t cost them any more games, it did cost them the chance to put a player on that list of “elite” goalies that they have been missing for the past four years. The first year they had that player (Radek Martinek) was 2007, and after that season, there were no more elite goalies in the league in 2007-2010.

This season, they’re going to be looking to build on that success. Andersen has been one of the best goalies in the AHL, so they’ll definitely have to take notice of him. Hopefully he stays healthy and finds some offense in his own end.


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