Sage Advice About controlling compares ________ to see if goals are being achieved. From a Five-Year-Old

The difference between goals and targets is the difference between a false goal and a false target.

In some cases the term “goals” is used to describe a specific result that is desired. For example, in chess you might be aiming to make a move that “puts the pawn in check”.

A goal is something that our brain is very good at assigning certain values to. A target is not the same as a goal because a target is an idea that is always being considered. It’s not that we have always had a target in mind, but we always have the idea or desire to achieve that goal.

You can think of goals as being like the goal of a painting, but it’s really not that good. Goals are not necessarily goals but rather goals that are designed to bring people closer together. To achieve a goal, you need to have a goal that is really the goal that is being achieved and that is the goal that’s being achieved.

A goal is usually defined as something that’s been made out to be a goal, but that is not the goal. A goal is the outcome which is desired at a certain time. This is the result that is desired, and at some point in time the goal is achieved. When a goal is achieved its a success and it’s something that we celebrate. Goal is when you achieve a goal or achieve some result that you desire.

________ is a word that was created by the same person who created the word goals. Its a word that describes achievement. That means when you achieve a goal, you celebrate like a person would when they achieved the goal. The word goals was created because it is a word which means the result you get. Goals are the result of a task that you set out to achieve. You define the goal and the task is the outcome of the task.

Goals are often confused with things like “means to an end.” But the difference is that goals are specific and measurable. The goal may be to do X, but if you’re not going to do it, you don’t need the goal. Likewise, a task is a result of a goal being accomplished. If you set out to do the task, you do the task and that is the goal.

I love the word goal. It seems to capture the essence of what you are trying to accomplish. But, there are also goals that are not specific, measurable, and definable. For example, a goal like, “I’m going to exercise a little more.” is not a measurable goal. And, for a goal like, “I’m going to eat healthier,” there are many factors that go into its accomplishment.

Goal setting is a little bit different from the other two. Setting a goal is often used in the context of a task. For example, if you want to be a better swimmer, you would set a goal to swim laps at the pool. So you will need to accomplish that goal first before you can swim laps.

In contrast, when you set a goal to control a thing, you are setting a goal in a way that is not measurable. A goal like, I want to be able to control a video game, is not something that can be measured. A goal like, I want to be able to control the video game, is something that requires more effort than just setting a goal to swim laps.


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