jits definition: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

jits are a Japanese word meaning “jagged.” jits are a Japanese term for the shape of the face in the Japanese art form called “traditional Japanese ceramics,” which is a combination of three-dimensional flower and leaf shapes.

This is the first time we’ve seen jits in a 3D film. It looks like it was created with a 3D printer.

The official definition of jits is the shape of the face, as they do not feature a full or complete face.

A jit is a face shape that is a bit jagged, as the Japanese word jits is a shortened form of jigit, which is a Japanese word meaning jagged. Jits are not a full or complete face either, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call them jits.

I guess it could be used as a slang term for a “girly” or “sexy” person or something, but I think the actual definition of “jits” is a bit more complex. The Japanese word jits is a shortened form of jigit, which in turn comes from the Latin word jigit, which is a shortened form of jigat, which is a Latin word meaning to be sharp or pointed.

The reason jits is a bit of a stretch is because they are generally not used to refer to a person’s face. They are more of a noun. So the word jits has been used over the centuries to mean something other than a person’s face. A jit is a person who is not a jigit.

Jits is a term originally used for the person who was left behind when a ship was sunk. The term came about because the sinking of a ship often left behind a jit with a sharp, pointed face. These jits were then identified as having the jits by other, non-jits who saw the jit leaving the sinking ship.

It’s interesting because the jit is a person who is not a jigger for the sake of a jigger. Also, a jigger is a person who is not a jigger for the sake of a jigger. That’s pretty much where the term came from.

The term jit came about because of a real incident. In the early 1800s British ship HMS Bounty foundered and 1,000 people died. Most of the crew were left behind at sea and later died at the sea. Some of the dead were jits that were left behind. The crew and survivors of the Bounty later started calling these jits “jigs.

So, in short, jits have no souls or souls are dead, but still have some kind of consciousness. For most of the video I was watching, they were basically zombies, so I thought I would explain how a jigger is a person who is not a jigger. A jigger is also a person who lives in a world of their own making. A jigger has no awareness of their status as a jigger and in reality is not a jigger at all.


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