the franklin mint coin: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The Franklin Mint was established in 1843, and was the first American coin minted in the United States. The mint is located in Franklinton, Kentucky. It is considered to be a historical site, and home to the Kentucky History Museum.

This coin was minted in the late 19th century. It has a copper composition, and is considered to be quite beautiful.

This coin was created to show the current market for its coinage. The coin is a coin with two holes cut into it, each one containing four coins (four of them were minted in 1866). The coin was minted in 1869, so the coins were minted in the same year, but the minting process was different. There were two rounds for each coin, one for each of the four coins.

The coin is a good example of a coin with two holes, and the coin is also pretty darn cool in this case. The hole is called the “right hole,” and it is a nice coin. If you want a good example of the coin, you can get it for the Moon Coin, a coin with the same hole as the Moon Coin, but with a different color.

The Minting Process is where they put the hole in the coin and then drill a hole into the coin. Each hole has a different diameter. The hole on the right side is about half the size of the hole on the left side. This results in the coin having two holes, each half the size of the other. So the coin is actually a coin with one hole and two holes.

When the coin is rolled it’s completely rolled, and when it’s rolled out, the hole on the right side is about as big as the hole on the left. The coin has two holes, each half the size of the hole on the right. The hole on the left is as big as the hole on the right.

It’s an unusual form of coin, but the result is interesting. Franklin minted the coin in 1826 and passed it down to one of the most famous and successful American coin collectors, Benjamin Franklin.

This coin is one of the most famous of all coins in America. It’s considered to be the greatest coin ever minted with it being considered the most valuable. Franklin minted the coin in Philadelphia and for a long time it was considered to be one of the most important coins in America. The minting of the coin was not the most successful of Franklin’s day.

The coin is an example of the way that you can get a little more money off of the coin than you would on any other coin. It is a very, very difficult way to get money. That’s why we all need to get more money off of it.

The Franklin mint was founded in 1824 and the first coin was one of three made in 1825. The other two were the dime and quarter. All three coins were released as they are today. The minting of the coin was not as successful as Franklins day. The coin was made in Philadelphia because the city had the most significant mint in the country. The city had a lot of money to spend and money that wasn’t needed.


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