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Are you a business person who wants to share your expertise with the world? Partnering with Business Finance Management will give you an opportunity to do just that, and potentially get your name out there for all employers to see.

We will be offering guest posts on our blog in the near future on some of the topics we cover here. We are an agency that specializes in advising firms and individuals on how best to use finance as a tool for success, so if this sounds like something you would be interested in reading, please look at our site and consider applying.

We are looking for people who are interested in writing about the following topics:

Management of the financial issues that arise from operating a business.

How to get better return on your financial investments.

Tips on saving money, making money, and investing wisely and safely.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a networking site for business people who want to earn money by sharing their expertise. We are currently looking for people with the following skills:

– Business experience (either working in business or as an investor)

– Caring about your investments and shares.

– Knowledge of financial markets.

– Knowledge of finance articles from various sources, such as traderadvisor.com, Fox Business, and Business Insider to name a few.

– Ability to write well in English first and foremost.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important for your business because it helps you to show that you are a trustworthy source of information relevant to your industry. For example, if you have an article on the site of major manger, chances are that other managers will see it and visit your website. They may then consider partnering with you or hiring you as an advisor. 

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. Articles/Guest Posting should not be more than 600 words in length per post.

2. The article should be on a topical subject related to finance and business such as but not limited to:

a. Investment in shares, stock market, etc.

b. Saving money and making it grow faster than inflation

c. How to get the maximum out of your budget and how to save money on everyday expenses like rent, utilities and insurance etc.

d. How to save for retirement and how much you need for retirement (after-tax vs pre-tax) etc.

3. The blog should have information from various sources such as foxbusiness, traderadvisor, business insider etc.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish articles and guest posts that:

– Have a huge potential to be shared.

– Have a high level of interest for the reader.

– Can be used as tools for promoting other businesses or financial portals.

We do not publish articles and guest posts that:

– Are irrelevant to our audience.

– Contain spelling mistakes and have grammar errors.

– Contain slanderous statements, false information or anything else that could bring the website or us into disrepute.

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Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to press@advertisingfuse.com